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Have you ever wondered if you are going to hell?

Many people are terrified about going to hell when they die. And for good reason. If hell is a fiery torture chamber where lost souls scream in agony for all eternity, everybody should be worried about meeting such a terrible fate.

But is this really what the Bible teaches about hell?

In What is Hell?, author J. D. Myers answers your most pressing questions about hell. After summarizing the three common views about hell, this book presents a fourth view. Myers defends this alternative view by showing how the concept of hell evolved over time, and then considers eight terms from Scripture that have traditionally been equated with hell.

As you read, you will learn the truth about hell. You will discover what hell is, where hell is, how you can avoid going to hell, and how you can rescue people who are in hell.

The book includes an Appendix which explains most of the key biblical texts that have traditionally been used to defend the doctrine of hell.

Read this book to be delivered from both the fear and fire of hell.

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J. D. Myers is a popular author, blogger, podcaster, and Bible teacher. You can learn more about him and join his online discipleship group at J. D. Myers lives in Oregon with his wife, Wendy, and their three daughters.

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